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Been getting a lacrosse ball and doing work on the piriformis, hip flexors, TFL etc. Whatever I can dig into around the hip, both flexors, extensors etc. I get into. Once I find a spot that sucks, I hang out there and wait it out. At times this has taken more than a couple minutes.

Afterwards, I have been going through 2-5 minutes of stretching per area. If one area is tighter, even after the lacrosse ball or foam rolling, I hang out for as long as I can a) handle it, or b) til the muscle releases or I reach the end range.

After that, I'll do some iso work to get the glute on the right side firing a bit better.

I also began to address that my right foot was a bit externally rotated. I had these things going on forever, but thought it was how I was built. As I've worked on these two issues, my hips and lower back have been much better and I've had less popping.

Additional updates as they become relevant...
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