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Um.... what time of day did you have your bloodwork done? There are alot of factors that can change your T level. If you take it multiple times throughout the day you'll see a great deal of fluctuation.

I guess just start from the top and work your way down. Are you overtraining? How's your diet? How's your life? Getting much sleep? Those will all affect your T level.

But I don't mean to digress, you really need to complete treatment for your depression first and foremost. I'm not asking you to post it here, but for yourself, consider the reasons you're depressed. Address them. If you're depressed for no reason at all, then I would start to focus on hormonal issues.

I had a prof in my undergrad who liked to remind us that depression was the most over diagnosed and over treated issue. If your spouse dies or something awful happens to you, it's normal to be depressed. If you know why you're depressed and you have a good reason for it, then you're normal.

In any case, if you do find that it is testosterone related, Dr. G and I have been impressed with Primordial Performance's products. You could try running their Testosterone Recovery Stack (phosphatidylserine, resveratrol, and vitamin e tocopherols) with their Testosterone Conversion Factor 1 (d-aspartic acid). I know it boosted my T serum level about 200 ng/dL.

Anyways, I know that wasn't what you were asking for, but I hope it helps.
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