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Okay Emily, thanks again, and yes I understand.
My stats:
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 160lbs
Snatch: 205
Clean and Jerk: 235
Overhead Squat: 235
3RM Push Press (Closest thing to strict press, I know they aren't nearly the same)- 235
Deadlift- 415
Back Squat- 345
Front Squat- 305

And Chad, my strength has been increasing, just not nearly as fast as when I was O-lifting strickly. I began powerlifting three years ago, then found olympic lifting and fell in love. Crossfit is fun, but I would be strickly o-lifting if I didn't injure my back about a year back, but I'm working on range of motion and physical therapy type things to help my back. But I want to compete, and crossfit is great, and no matter the volume I have no back pain. My volume is ridiculous, and I know that. Your example of that marine is awesome and unarguable. I must admit my weakness is cardio specifically, I have good muscular endurance, running anything more than a 400 is horrible.
I will take advice. I am currently on a rest cycle, that I am enjoying SO much because the speed on my o-lifts increased instantaneously. There is nothing better than a great clean and jerk.... But thanks for the example Chad, I may throw some distant run in frequently until I can bare them.
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