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Derek- I'll spend the weekend doing specific research, even your google link turned up some good stuff. Symptoms seem to be accurate. But the more I read the better I'll feel about it.

Chad- the test was done first thing in the morning, because some of the tests had to be done after a fast of about 8 hours, and I think I've read that T is highest right after you wake up, but I'm not completely sure. As far as the depression, it's what confuses me the most. The primary thing that was causing it has been removed, but a lot of the symptoms still remain, they're just not as extreme. Plus this has happened before, so I'm trying to explore all options.
Training might be the problem, as I've noticed drops in mood and energy after a lot of consecutive training days, or not enough time off. I'm very hesitant to call it overtraining though, because I just don't think I'm bombarding myself with more than I have in the past, when I felt awesome. Inability to stay asleep is one of my primary symptoms, so that might be a chicken and egg situation. The sleeping pills I was prescribed are helping a lot with that.
And finally, thank you for the product recommendation. If I do end up supplementing like that, there are WAY too many products that say they help, glad to have an internet voice I can trust.

Samuel- good suggestion list. I've seen some of those mentioned before, so I'll have to do some (but this time specific) research on them.
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