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Originally Posted by Andrew Wilson View Post
This is very interesting.
OL + 400m or 800m track work + pullups and pushups would have a much much more positive effect than doing the WODs... hmm or quite possibly do a decathlon program if interested. That would be a fascinating quasi case study
I agree that having a few people train with a decathlon program and compete in the CF games would be very interesting, I'd love to see it. As far as the OL + track work + pullups and pushups, it might prepare you well enough to get to the Games, but if you want to win I'm not so sure. Blair made a good point mentioning Josh Everett. He was good when there was less volume, but when they upped the volume he suffered.

I heard pretty much the same thing in an interview with Ben Smith. He is definitely someone to look up; 20 years old and easily one of the strongest people in the CF community. He said he had primarily been lifting heavy and running in preparation for the '09 Games, and he didn't do so well (he placed somewhere in the 60s maybe?). In preparation for the 2010 Games, he added more volume and did a lot better (8th at the Games). He described his training as something like this:

Running or Rowing

OL or PL

Not sure about specifics, but you could try looking them up.
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