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Originally Posted by Blair Lowe View Post
Didn't seem to workout for Josh Everett. Early on, yes but not anymore. Of course, Josh may be suffering from wear and tear these days.

One of the things about the games is how quickly you can recover from the ton of abuse you go through. Say what you want, but the ability to have a lot of workout capacity and be able to recover helps.

Another thing that helps is a long career before of athletic activity. Take for example, x athlete and then figure how long they have been doing that and then what they were doing before that as a young'n or kid. Many of those badass crossfitters come from established athletic backgrounds before the 1 or 2 years of crossfit under their belt.
Fascinating, do you have any information I can look into on this?

I would disagree. For example my current decathlon program is as follows:
WRT: 2400m
WT: Weight Training 10RM squat x3, 10x10 Pushups with 10sec rest between x 4 series (400 total), 10x10 pullups with 10sec rest between sets x 4 series (400 total)
and 26mi of weekly running

Monday: WRT+RE, 4x100m, 4x200m, 4x100m
Tuesday: WT, Swim
Wednesday: WRT+RE, 3x150m hills
Thursday: WRT+RE, 6x1000m
Friday: WT, Swim
Saturday: 4x2km outdoor, 6x50m jumping run
Sunday: Recovery

2nd week
Monday: WRT+RE, 2x300m, 500m, 4x600m, 2x300m, 3x40m high frequency
Tuesday: WT, Swim
Wednesday: WRT+RE, 2x300, 4x1000, 500m, 300m, 3x40m high frequency
Thursday:WT, Swim
Friday: WRT+RE, 5x20m HS, 3x200m, 2x400m, 500m, 400m, 2x100m
Saturday: 6-8km
Sunday: Recovery

3rd week
Monday: WRT+RE, 5x30m acceleration, 3x150m, 1x200m, 3x600m, 4x100m
Tuesday: WT, Swim
Wednesday: WRT+RE, 2x60m HS, 3x300m, 100m, 2x300m, 100m, 300m
Thursday: WT, Swim
Friday: WRT+RE, 4x60m zig-zag, 5x400m, 3x60m zig-zag
Saturday: WRT+RE, 4x100m sled(10kg, 3x) 3x100, tap take-offs
Sunday: Recovery

All of this is high stimulation on the nervous system and needs strong ability to recover muscularly. 400m and 800m is even deeper.

BTW Josh, I forgot to mention that in Dr Siff's Supertraining and Dr Verk's Special Strength Training a Practical Manual for Coaches, there are both chapters that cover the circuit training methods they used to train Olympians.
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