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Default Making Sense of Protein Choices

Hi folks,

So, I'm a little slow sometimes. But, I did some searching here and so recommendations for TrueProtein. A quick Google-fu and voila, I found this:

Mix your own protein with way too many options.

Now, way back when, I knew which proteins to take morning, noon, night, pre-/pari-/post-workout, etc. But, since I've spent several years on basically one protein brand (Don Lemmon's "Know How Nutrition" Protein), I forgot all the details. I'm going to go back through some stuff and try to construct a few options. Note, I'm looking this because I'm looking to reduce my protein costs (and my wife has started having shakes several morning so we're consuming at closer to 1.5x).

I'm thinking of two "cost levels" and two (maybe three) "timings". Cost: "minimal" (i.e., El Cheapo but supports training) and "biggest bang for the buck" (i.e., for the Value Supplementer). Maybe, for the hell of it, "Hot Rod" ('nuff said; of course, trying to give "the optimal" blend is certainly futile. So, screw that.). Timing: General (good all around), Near Workout, not-Near Workout. I think not-Near Workout and General might end up being close enough to merge. Anyway, I'm going to be digging back into this over the holidays. And, hopefully have something put together by the New Year.

Anyone interested in sharing their thoughts? Good sources to check out would also be welcome (off the top of my head: Lyle, Berardi, some T-Nation stuff, some general stuff by Cressy and Baggett). Please feel free. I'll put the final results back in this initial post.

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