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Originally Posted by Emily Mattes View Post
Josh, have you spoken with your Oly coach (I'm assuming you have a coach) with regards to devising a strength or strength maintenance program, and then adding in metcons like you'd find on Crossfit Football? You're totally correct that with your lifting background you need something more sophisticated than SS, and I think at 18 you could probably push yourself with volume beyond 5/3/1 and still see gains (provided you aren't doing three metcons a day craziness).

Another option would be investigating a Westside-style program combined with Crossfit metcons afterwards. Chris Mason wrote an article for the Crossfit Journal on combining Crossfit and Westside. A Westside template is extremely flexible and can basically require as much volume as you'd like from it, and it's pretty easy to integrate more conditioning work from it. I've been having great success from it myself and I don't have nearly the training experience that you do. An extra benefit is that Westside programs tend to emphasize a lot more posterior-chain developing exercises, which can be tremendously helpful for people with bad backs. And adding in box squats, reverse hypers, sled pulls, etc have done a LOT for my Olympic lifting, as I found that area to be severely undertrained by my Oly program (though given your PLing background that may not be an issue).
Hey Emily,
Sadly, I do not have a coach. I have read every book I could get my hans on and have read articles on the web. Been reading for years about it all. I have Greg's book, some dvd's but that is about it. I'm in college so it would be hard to consistently have a coach while I'm there. I've recently gotten involved in a crossfit gym down the road from me, but my Olympic lifting knowledge/experience greatly surpasses the coaches there (sad I know).

But I have read the article your talking about and would love to incorporate westside into my training, but I have no access to to reverse hyper/back extension machine/even a box for box squats at my school gym. And I'm not exactly sure how to program them in, I mean right now I'm focusing on my Olympic lifting and Squatting. I want to build up my posterior chain so ill be doing good mornings and SLDL's and a lot of core work to keep my spine (which naturally has a large curve) in a neutral position. I wish I could do reverse hypers everyday, and sled work, and glute work because i'm pretty sure my weaknesses there are adding to my back problems. I've been doing the Mobility wods and working seriously on opening up my hips and adding flexibility to my hamstrings.

I know I need a coach. Its a number one priority, and I probably have developed bad habits with my lifts just from being self taught, but I was so intrigued when I learned then a few years ago that I had to continue. I've done the best I can. I'll try and post video's on here soon of me working up to heavy singles so you guys can pick me apart
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