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Originally Posted by Joshua Straiton View Post
But I have read the article your talking about and would love to incorporate westside into my training, but I have no access to to reverse hyper/back extension machine/even a box for box squats at my school gym. And I'm not exactly sure how to program them in, I mean right now I'm focusing on my Olympic lifting and Squatting. I want to build up my posterior chain so ill be doing good mornings and SLDL's and a lot of core work to keep my spine (which naturally has a large curve) in a neutral position. I wish I could do reverse hypers everyday, and sled work, and glute work because i'm pretty sure my weaknesses there are adding to my back problems. I've been doing the Mobility wods and working seriously on opening up my hips and adding flexibility to my hamstrings.

I know I need a coach. Its a number one priority, and I probably have developed bad habits with my lifts just from being self taught, but I was so intrigued when I learned then a few years ago that I had to continue. I've done the best I can. I'll try and post video's on here soon of me working up to heavy singles so you guys can pick me apart
Luckily, while box squats and reverse hypers and sled pulls are awesome, they are not totally and completely necessary. Westside's a template, so you can pretty much incorporate whatever you like into it. For instance, for your ME squats, you could do back squats, front squats, Zercher squats, overhead squats, back squats to a bench (instead of a box), pause back, front, overhead, Zercher squats, etc etc. Deadlifts are similarly malleables. Bands and chains are excellent additions, but your program isn't going to fail without them. I'm not using bands or chains in any of my ME or DE work yet, as I simply haven't reached the point where I feel I'm not making progress in my non-band, non-chain barbell movements.

I also do overhead work--press, push press, or jerks--on my DE or ME upper days instead of bench work.

For glute exercises, there are a ton you can do that aren't glute-ham raise or reverse-hyper dependent--sliding ham curls, barbell glute bridges, hip thrusts, single-leg hip thrusts, etc. Pull-throughs, a totally awesome exercise, can be done with cables if you don't have access to bands (and once those get too easy, bands on EliteFTS are less than $10 a piece, so you could get a heavy one to work with).

For programming, this is definitely not the "ideal" program, but this is what I do and have been able to recover from OK:

ME Lower:
Work up to heavy snatch single (Broz-style)
Do regular Westside ME Lower day

ME Upper:
Work up to heavy clean/C&J single (Broz-style)
Do regular Westside ME Upper day

DE Lower:
Work up to heavy power snatch single (Broz-style)
Regular DE Lower day--you wouldn't be able to do box squats, but could do free squats for your DE squats.

DE Upper:
Work up to heavy power C&J single (Broz-style)
Regular DE Upper day--using jerks or push-presses instead of speed bench (I use overhead presses, but that's because my OHP is disproportionately weak compared to my jerk and push press).

I mean, you can also throw in pull work on your dynamic lower days instead of deadlifts, stuff like that. Keep kind of an open mind about being flexible with the program.
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