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Originally Posted by Brian DeGennaro View Post
Josh, where in college are you at?
I'm at UConn Brian. I'm actually going to try and get myself into the athletic gym, because I am very much an athlete and I'm sure I could utilize the olympic platforms just as well as any athlete in that gym. The student gym works, but my only olmpic bar is bent, and they yell at me when I drop weights (which I do anyway, and will continue to do until i'm kicked out). I might send the athletic director a letter.

And Emily, that is an awesome program, I like the programing. I do upper body strength work that I forgot to mention originally, push presses/jerks/pushups/pullups/MU's/ the works. Right now Im doing the CA russian squat cycle that just ended. I'm going to finish that and then I may use your basic template to introduce a background strength program to which I will start slowly adding metcons (not a ridiculous amount, I promise haha) But my goal is to compete and to do well in the games this year, for which I must be stronger. Strength is my priority at the moment, and I want to snatch 250 and clean and Jerk 300 by the times the games come around(if i qualify that is). But I very much appreciate the insight and I've been interested in the conjugate system for a while, and I will likely experiment with your template after this cycle is done.
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