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Originally Posted by Jon Pechette View Post
What's the general consensus on Gant's Hybrid? I know this may be slightly off topic, but I'm pretty new to these forums (been browsing them for a while, though) and I was wondering if the problem that most people here have with CF is with CFHQ or with CrossFit methods or only with some of CF's methods.

I think that there is no way that a person can develop elite levels of strength with CF alone (pulling heavy singles a few times a year producing a 500+ pound deadlift? That's a load of crap). I do like the conditioning aspect, though (if you remove less-useful movements: SDHP for example). Right now I'm doing something very similar to Gant's Hybrid program: 5/3/1 with short, heavy metcons, and extra running (usually 400m repeats). It's very planned out (exact opposite of the CF mainpage) with the workouts focused around assisting the main lift. Recovery is very important (I don't go 100% all the time, especially on the deload weeks). I've been seeing great gains and I've PR'd in almost everything the last couple of months (OL, PL, CF benchmarks, rowing, running, sprints and longer efforts).

That was longer post than I thought it was going to be, I feel like it should be a new thread...sorry :/
What you're doing isn't anywhere close to CF. Gant's Hybrid was and still is a good way to set up a combination of conditioning and weight training.

What you're doing right now is really no different than what a lot of successful coaches do for their athletes.

In general, if you get stronger, you will PR most of the CF workouts.
And if you don't think kettleball squat cleans are difficult, I say, step up to the med-ball
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