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Default Feeding the Troll Whole Foods

Originally Posted by sarena kopciel View Post
As for protein choices, I say eggs, meat, fish......real food !
While certainly closer to ideal, balancing out time and convenience (of preparation and portability), cost (protein can be expensive, but grass-fed, free-range, wild caught can be even more so), and variety (sure, bulk eggs and canned tuna will do in a pinch).

Of course, this is also an issue of quantity. If you are gunning for 100g/day, 4 eggs (25g), 1 qt of milk (30g), .5 lb. fish (40g) or meat (45g) or chicken (50g) will get you very close. If you are aiming for 300g/day, you'll have to step it up a notch. Doubling each of those: 8 eggs, 2 qts, and 2 1lb servings of solid flesh is a pretty hefty food intake and you're in the 200g/day ballpark.

But anyway, your vote -- and alternative opinion on protein consumption -- is noted, though it's not a novel concept, ignores the fact that this is the "Supplement" (not the "Whole Food Living" forum), doesn't address the question (non sequitur), and is certainly not going to effect the project. In short, it's a grade A troll.

*sigh* Are we losing our signal-to-noise ratio?

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