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I have used TP for years. I tend to change up what I get in hopes that something makes an obvious difference, an occurrence which hasn't happened. That being said,, is a great price for a good protein for during workouts. If you need it to taste good, grab some of their flavoring kits. For non-workout, I'd go with a blend. Common blends are some micture of whey, casein, and egg white protein. is pretty standard, but by all means create your own if you have special needs (glutamine, extra Leucine, etc). The ability to add things like these are what make TP worth it. There are tons of discount codes out there for 5% off, you are welcome to use mine: slh332.

Just for general knowledge (I don't like admitting that I know this stuff but I do...) in order of speed of absorption: Whey/casein hydrolysate>Whey>Egg>Casein. Add leucine to things if you are not eating enough protein in general.
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