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Ben Byram
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Default Sunday 12th December

Hungover...... much sweating.....

Power clean:
85x3, 80x3/2/2/2.
Technique a little better from driving the feet initially and didn't get my usual bloody shins because my knees were moving out of the way. No dramatic increases though. Not sure whether to look at the floor 10 feet ahead as Rip recommends or to bring my gaze forward. I should be power cleaning more than this based on my deadlift surely?

Bench press:
87.5x5, 77.5x6, 67.5x8x2.
Getting soreness in my upper back and quads when I'm benching now. I think that is a good sign.

Squat (speed sets):

Narrow-grip bench press:

15'@120-140 HR.

Going to make an effort to get more sleep this week. Knackered.
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