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Thanks for the replies and advice in this thread Steven.

Regarding gas pedal vs. tight adductors, some thoughts:
- I am pretty ambidextrous, but did favor jumping off my left leg, kicking with my right leg (thus, I am more stable balancing on my left leg) etc.

I was talking with my cousin last night who is also in PT school, and she first presented the gas pedal idea as well. Then we started talking about past sports and she noted that it's likely I have more stability and strength in the glutes, and hip extensors in general on the left side. Hamstrings are a touch stronger, glutes are definitely more active. On the right side, it seems I have overactive hip flexors and dormant hip extensors.

I think I noted it in this thread, or maybe elsewhere, but the big assessment that made me realize just how significant the differences left vs. right are is the seated 90/90 stretch. I am significantly tighter on the left side than the right. When doing glute bridges, I have to focus a ton to actually get the right side to fire. If I don't drive my heel, my high hamstring takes over completely. After several reps, this isn't as much of an issue. I do this before every deadlift session.

Final issue I noticed, and don't laugh, is that my left glute "complex" is more hypertrophied. It's not like I sit there and rub my own ass silly day in and day out, but I finally noticed this while doing some SMR stuff with the lacrosse ball. My ass is lopsided if you will.

I think I know the answer, but it seems that additional SMR on the left side + additional stretching to loosen things up, while also doing more isolation type strength and activation work (like the super dog, Cook hip lift), and mashing + stretching of the flexors and adductors may result in the foot eventually turning to a more neutral angle as well as continue to balance out the hips and potentially alleviate the SI issues?
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