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Default Ryne's Lifting Log

I will start by posting a little about me:

I am 25 and have lifted intermittently since I was 14. I did not do squats until college and have little experience with the clean and jerk and none with the snatch. I played Division 3 (American) football my freshman year (suffered a shoulder injury) and have not done the Oly lifts since. I recently renewed my dedication to weightlifting, with a heavy focus on the squat, clean and jerk, and other core lifts that this site focuses upon. Linear progression seems to still work for me for now, though it is definitely slowing on the bench and overhead press (and basically any upper body lift). In terms of other athletic enterprises, I play too much basketball, mountain bike, snowboard, soccer, backpack, and have recently taken up parkour. Though I have time to dedicate to lifting, I have a strange schedule because I am currently embroiled in the second year of a Ph.D. program here in South Bend.

My goals, in terms of targeted maxes on the major lifts:
Back Squat - currently 325, I want 375
Deadlift - currently 300, want 400 - only 300 now mostly because of technique
OHP - currently 150, want 185
Bench - currently 245, want 275 - where my progress is slowest
C&J - currently 190, want 235 - could get here with only technique improvements
Snatch - currently 120, want 185 - I'm just now learning this lift
I also have a goal for deadhang pull-ups, which are essential for parkour: I currently can do 5 or maybe 6 and I want to do 15 without leaving the bar.

My biggest deficiencies right now are technique on deadlift and Oly lifts and grip strength. I am a swift learner and feel confident that I will work these out. My grip strength will improve rapidly, as I grew up on a farm and have worked construction, so that strength is there, but dormant.

One final note: I do not have consistent access to a weight room until January, so I will not have weights-associated exercise on here for a while.
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