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Default Workouts for 11, 12, and 13 Dec 2010

For Friday: I did 10x10, with very short rest, push-up circuit. I did 30 normal push-ups, 30 clapping push-ups, 30 with staggered hands (one or both under my hip), and 10 with a diamond/close stance.

For Saturday, I did a 2 round jump-heavy bodyweight circuit (not my typical workout): 10 Box Jumps (28in/70cm target); 4 Handstand Push-Ups, 8 Broad Jumps (8ft minimum); 20 Scissor Kicks; 10 Lateral Hops; 20 Crunches; 10 1-footed Vertical Jumps (5 each leg); 14 Pistols (7 each leg); 8 1-footed Double Jumps (4 each); 30 Side Crunches (15 each side). In between rounds, I did 60 sec planks (front and both sides).
I didn't time this, but probably should have, looking back

For Sunday: Again, a bodyweight-focused workout: 20 Back Extensions, 100 BW Squats, 30 Broad Jump Burpees (7ft minimum), 20 Vertical Jumps, 50 Crunches + Leg Lifts (not quite a Jack Knife), 10 Handstand Push-Ups, 40 Push-Ups, and 20 Box Jumps (same 28in/70cm target).
And again, I didn't keep the time, but this really worked me, especially since I am sore from yesterday - the planks fried my core.
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