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Default General Workout Template for January and Beyond

I have been working on my general weightlifting/workout plan for next semester (I have one 8 week cycle thoroughly planned in every detail) and have a general template, for anyone interested:

Monday: Heavy Lifting, focused on Clean, Black Squat, Bench, and Overhead Press (I can and have handled this volume for years - I am young), plus some machine rowing (I will alternate between doing 5K and collected sprints on the C2 - I kill the 5K for someone who has never rowed)

Tuesday: No Lifting, except for light DB Oly work to help with technique and foot placement. I will focus on doing skill work for Parkour on these days: vaults, wall climbs, and balance drills, with perhaps some light metcon work later in the cycle. I will also either play basketball or do short sprints and shuttle work.

Wednesday: Lifting today, focused on doing Snatch and Clean, but with a ton of pullup stuff - deadhang max reps, working on kip techniques, jumping pullups, and static holds. I have programmed overhead Oly stuff - split jerks, snatch balance, a little push press. I will also do speed reps of bench press this day, a la Westside method, as that is the one lift where linear progression seems unlikely. Wednesday is a long sprint day - lots of 200m, 400m, and occasional 800m.

Thursday: This is an off day. I will perhaps play basketball, but that is it.

Friday: Last lifting day of the week. The focus is Snatch and Deadlift, but I have incline bench and overhead/front squat figured in here as well. Running-wise, it will be another long sprint day, with a little less volume than Wednesday.

Saturday: My work here will be jump-intensive metcons. These really help me recover, as well as improve my strength, power, stamina, and coordination. I will mix in some BW exercises as well, like pistols, push-ups, and handstand push-ups, but the focus is on the infinite variety of jumps that I can pull off in my living room. Running for today will consist of a longer, slower effort, as I run sporadic 5K charity events and don't want to look too bad.

Sunday: Total Rest Day - not even basketball

I have core work programmed into each day as well, but didn't mention it above as it is more randomized.
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