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Matt for a start Crossfit is not hype, remember what Coach Glassman was trying to achieve when he orchestrated the program. To suggest that Crossfitters are not the fittest athletes on the planet is offensive to all of us living within the Crossfit community.

Personally I think Crossfit is the only program required to meet every athletes fitness needs. Coach has done away with the need for useless and time consuming things such as periodization, specialization and individulization. He has created a website which meets the needs of everyone looking to achieve elite fitness all within a 20 odd minute workout per day. (sheer genius)

Remember one of our more popular slogans "your workout is our warmup" think about that for a minute. Coach Glassman could probably still beat most proffessional athletes in a any workout which requires the ability to move large loads long distances over broad time and moadal domains.

Why are we always wanting pro athletes to compete at the games why don't we go after them at their own sports ? I foresee a future where Crossfit athletes hold a number of world records and world titles !!

No, that's not real. I really don't believe that's real.

Originally Posted by Wayne Riddle View Post
I'm waiting for some CF gamers to take a main site pledge, only do the main site programming and nothing else. If CFHQ is sp smart and great this should be all they need.

Never happen.
I'm pretty sure OPT did that a couple years ago. Then he switched.

If the needs of elite athletes and grandmothers differ by degree, not by kind, how come the top Games' competitors do training that is entirely different than what they post on
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