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Sadly, I'm sure those were are not tongue in cheek, because I've heard the same words spouted by others. It's a game of "my daddy can beat up your daddy."

The one thing that really gets to me in taking Glassman or anyone else seriously is when they are self-proclaimed "coaches" or allow other people to call them coaches (Burgener is probably the ONLY exception to this). It's really hard because of what my high school track coach told us freshman year.

My high school track coach told us to never, ever call him "coach" or "coach whatever." We asked why and he replied: "because any jackass can call themselves 'coach' and still know nothing about anything. It's an insult to me and my intelligence, call me Mr [insert last name]."

I think I almost called Mike Mr. Burgener one time in person instead of Coach because I respect him.
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