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I don't want to change this subject, but:

Originally Posted by Luke Searra
Confirmed Rhabdo. Friends kidneys are fine , liver might be in trouble.
Does this mean permanent muscle loss!? What kind of rehabilitation is done??? What diet should be adhered to???
Advice much appreciated
Originally Posted by Thomas Green
Damn. After reading stories like this and your articles, I'm still mind boggled that HQ encourages jokes about this.
Originally Posted by Meghan Leigh Ramos
I really hate the "Death Before DNF" concept, too.

Good luck in your recovery, friend. Take it easy.
Originally Posted by Allen Tluczek
My girlfriend was discharged from the hospital on Thanksgiving for Rhabdo in her arms from crossfit. Liver enxymes were high as well, no damage to kidneys. She's gotten full function back, but says her arms get tired a lot quicker than they used to. She has been taking finals the last two weeks and this is her last week, but she is leaning towards cutting packaged food from her diet (no paleo, not interested or pushed for) once finals are over in addition to getting back into the gym. Her doctor encouraged her to get back to exercising this week, actually. Every case is different, though, so don't take her experience as recommendations for anyone elses.

"Death Before DNF"???
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