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Ben Byram
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Default Tuesday 14th December

Shit day, good workout. Satisfied as had a day less recovery than if I'd trained on Saturday as I would have preferred.

90%x3, 80%x4, 70%@RPE 8x2.
130x3, 115x4, 100x5x2.
Had to work very hard for first 2 sets. Turned into good mornings a bit - keep knees out coming out of the bottom. Extend the back before starting.

90%x3, 80%x4, 70%x5.
72.5x3, 65x4, 57.5x5.
Back on track.

20x5, 10x7, BWx9.
PB on weighted chins. Been after a set of 5 with the blue plate for a while. Nice.

Bench press (explosive):
Stick with this weight for a while.

Back extensions:
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