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Workout done yesterday:

Followed workout #3 but i only did the bar work and the static holds. i didn't have time for running or the assistance gymnastic work because everybody is throwing holidy parties that i have to attend.

I missed BJJ because of the direct party conflict, but i squeezed in the workout beforehand.

I suck at jerk. i'm debating whether i should go about direct work on it. my shoulders do pretty well nowadays. one reason for my focus on straight arm static presses or holds is because my shoulder generally feel fine doing them (except OHS and snatch which can feel scary sometimes). dynamic motions requiring bending at the elbow can be iffy on the shoulder. thus i typically do handstands with minimal HSPU work.

i added OHS back in although these sometimes make me nervous. i find that they can add a lot of stability to my shoulders if not overdone. i am probably going to stick with these for a while since i'd like to start snatching again. i don't know if these will really care over to the jerk well. i feel that the problem is in the hole, not at lockout. i'll reassess at 12 weeks and then decide how to adjust.

DL - got to my 3rd set of a 5x5 and my back felt funny when i set down the 4th rep. i decided to stop here for safety. i don't think it's serious. it just needs a break.

Static holds: FL is improved consistantly. I dropped back down my planche progression today to try to get my arms elbows and spine a bit straighter as well as push my chest out more.
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