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Originally Posted by Derek Simonds View Post
I am excited to follow your workouts. Do you find that the gymnastics work you do gives you enough upper body push and pull stimulus? Besides the KB Jerks I didn't see any upper body pressing with weights. I think RTO means rings turned out for the dips which is really hard for me.

Looking forward to following along.
my shoulders feel fine with straight arm presses/supports. i have to play all actual presses with bending elbows by ear. surprisingly, dips typically feel fine, so i like to push them harder.

i'm playing around at the moment trying to find a good upper body press to stick with (other than dips). RTO pushus are great, but i'm only setting the rings up one day, and the dips that day seem to be enough already. HSPU and OA pushups are ideal b/c of the lack of equipment, but sometimes my shoulders just aren't in the mood after a lot of straight arm stuff. another option i'm leaning towards is a little toy i made a while ago. i took 2 ab rollers and spread the wheels out so you can grab the middle. using these to do cross-like pushups is tough, and you don't have to spend all the time setting rings up.

for the RTO dips i normally start in an RTO support. when i begin the dip, my arms naturally pronate a bit until they are neutral/hammer grip. typically then i focus really hard to make sure that i get them turned out by the time i break parallel. i find that if i arc my back at this point, it helps the rings slide behind me. it feels a lot like a korean dip but easier since you don't have a bar in the way. i normally hit the bottom and spend a second in a bent arm support with RTO. normally the same thing happens as i ascend where the rings begin to pronate as i break parallel.

at the moment, i'm viewing this as a progression because it gets more reps. i can do one with RTO the whole time, but not for a 5x5.

i am under the impression that for crosses, the back should not arc, so i'm guessing this is bad form. i'm hoping to eventually cut out any pronation as well.

eventually i want to try this variation where, at the bent arm support, you press your head a few inches forward (towards a maltese) before you come back and press back up. Gregor showed this on a video on the GB forum using parallel bars. it looks pretty sick.
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