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Originally Posted by Ryne Clos View Post
Do you think that weighted statics, holding at the top for 5 seconds and then dropping into a negative and back onto a box, would help? I am going to try those myself.
Not doing weighted and not using a box. I got my new assistance thingy so I can start from a dead hang.

Anyway I decided on my program. I am just doing GTG from a pretty high start point with my assistance thingy, and once it's easier and I can do 3-5 I will lower the band/knee stirrup thingy, and then when I can easily do 3-5 from the lowest level I'll take off one band and start higher again and go down from there until I can do 3-5 with one band from the lowest level and then I'll see if I can do one from a dead hang without the assist.

Thanks for the suggestions though!
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