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I would definitely read that.

As far as resting, or not training, goes, how long should I take off? Is it the kind of thing where I could take a couple weeks off, and then start up again, or could I do something where I cut out most workouts but keep 2 days or so of moderate training?
The hard thing here is that I have required Navy PT 3 times a week (MWF). I can only describe the workouts as circuit training, but for about 35-45 minutes. For instance, every time we start off with a 10 min warmup run, we stretch, then go into something like weighted lunges down and back on a bball court, pushups for a minute, shoulder press (very light weight) for a minute, and some form of situps for a minute, and then a minute rest. Then we repeat about 5 times.

Unfortunately, I prefer to either strength train or 'endurance' train (basically just run, sometimes intervals), so I tend to not count the Navy workouts as my workouts for the week. But I guess something has to give, and I'm pretty sure it wont be the Navy.
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