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Originally Posted by Alicia Zhuang View Post
Thanks for the tips Garrett! Is there any reason you suggest Holy Basil? I was browing around for adaptogens and they sell quite a few. Three months ago I bought Rhodiola and Ashwaghanda. My only mistake with Ashwaghanda was not checking what NOW Foods puts in their pills - there is rice flour in there...... so I gave it to my father to use.

At first Rhodiola seemed to help a little, but it is nothing much compared to NOW Foods' True Calm and especially Mood Support. Mood Support helps me to fall asleep faster and helps me stay asleep. True Calm is not that effective with sleep, but puts me in a calmer state... like a zen state sometimes... and it's such a wonderful break from feeling edgy and like an ant on a hot pan.

Phosphatidylserine - before this thread I hadn't heard of it. When do you think it is necessary for someone to try it? And do you reckon eating phosphatidylserine-containing foods (eg eel, offal) once every few days will do, or is a dose required everyday?

Spicy food - yikes.... I'm one of those persons addicted to the high I get from capsaicin and love stirfrys with those tiny little thai chillis. Guess it's not more of those for me!
Holy Basil is particularly good for anxiety, while still functioning as an adaptogen. The New Chapter version is great.

With the two supplements you mentioned (the Mood Support has a tiny bit of Holy Basil in it, FYI), they both have a lot of action on particularly the GABA pathways, and some on the serotonin as well.

PS is extremely useful to lower cortisol. It's easiest to apply when an Adrenal Stress Index (4x saliva cortisol) is done and then the PS is taken within an hour of the "high" cortisol levels (if there are any). If you don't have a test, then it is really trial and error...taking some before/around your most stressful or anxious times of day is the best you can do to assess if your cortisol levels are high at that time. I like Primordial Performance's EndoAmp Max for this.

When problems get significant enough, oftentimes foods are not enough to correct the imbalance. You can try those foods and see if they help, if they don't help "enough", then I'd say go to bigger guns.
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