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Default I got iron cross trainers as a present! how do i program these?

I got an early christmas present. i made an offhand comment that i thought these would be cool to have (although a little pricy for such a specific task), and my gf was on the ball. i included a pic of it as well as my other early present from her, joel jameson's book!

anyways, my current program consists of 4 different workouts, with one day devoted to rings. i know coach sommer recommends that you don't touch cross work until you have every basic static hold solid. on the other hand, cross work (even if i'm no where near it) is fun.

i've seen good progress with static holds just doing 5 sets of 10-30s holds per exercise per workout, with some assistance exercises added. i was planning on doing the same with the cross trainers, and just measure progress by the holes on the top of the gizmos. as for assistance exercises, i figured i would try cross pulls with these. i'm not sure if i should keep the same resistance level (the hole the straps go through), or increase/decrease the resistance for the cross pulls as compared to the statics. i figure i'd have to decrease the resistance compared to the level used for the static holes.

any suggestions? have you guys tried these?
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