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Did day 2 (i just switched position's of day 2 and day 4, so it's messed up right now).

i took out the HS presses. i may just make that portion freestanding HS work and just keep the presses embedded w/i all HS work. i also changed the distance HS walks to the wall walks that coach sommer recommends. i noticed that these are safer for you body once you've started to tire out.

i hadn't tried full HSPU in a while. i was pretty burnt out from my other HS work, but then i tried a set and got a few. i recorded the second set. in the video, i only got 2 reps and then decided to do a negative. next workout i'm gonna try the full HSPU while fresh to see what my numbers are. this is fun since i hadn't really done them before on a platform without kipping or using stretch rebound to get up.
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