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Day 24 Thursday

6:45 cell mass creatine, 1/2 BCAA
7:00 kashi go lean crunch, lo fat milk
8:30 apple
9:00 banana
11:00 blue thunder recovery drink
1:15 baked potato, side ceasar, small chilli
3:00 tri-o-plex bar
7:30 16 0z lo fat chocolate milk
8:30 cell mass creatine

No Gi
6:30 - 7:45
We worked attack chains from the gaurd. Opponent started with both hands on hips and you go inside his arms and in front of your legs and sweep his hands off.

1) When his hands hit the ground you immediately go for a kimura
2) When he defends the kimura by straightening out his arm transition into a straight arm elbow lock like I learned in my private last friday
3) If the guy is really strong and turns his elbow into you so that you can't get the elbow lock you reach out and grab the sleeve of his other arm. You pull the sleeve forward shoot your leg through and go for the triangle. You can really sink it deep.
4) If they fight off number 3 by blocking your knee than move to an armbar. The way to do this is to shoot the leg over their head and curl their head to your butt and apply the lock pressure on the elbow by pressing down with your hips.

In grappling I had a lot of fun I landed an arm triangle for the first time, a leg triangle and some other submission with a lower level guy. Next match I rolled with a senior guy and he was positionally dominating me I was working from under side control and really trying to escape. He kept me locked up for the first part of the match. I finally pulled guard and was working to try and get in a position for a sub when he reached back with one arm. As soon as he did I threw the leg over for the triangle got it and had to reach up with my hand pull my foot forward and roll into the choke. I finally got him under control and pulled his head down to finish. First time i have ever caught a senior guy in a triangle.

Last roll was with a blue belt from Brazil who is a really great guy. We worked on several different moves and he even stayed after class and showed me some things. No submissions for either of us but he is such a smooth roller it is a pleasure to learn from him.
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