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Day 25 Friday

6:30 NO Shotgun creatine, BCAA and NO, first day with this stuff and it takes like crap!
7:15 kashi go lean crunch, lo fat milk, flaxseed
8:00 apple
9:30 blue thunder
11:00 tri-o-plex
1:30 2 slices pizza
3:45 slimfast
6:00 1 1/2 protein with water
7:45 lot of tuna salad on a 1/2 piece of rye toast, couple of chips, and a landshark lager
9:30 3 pieces yellow tail sashimi, florida roll, 2 kirin lights with the wife

Open Mat
Worked out with Steve 3 stripe purple who basically worked me in side control for 20 minutes. He got a collar choke that was pretty sneaky and I will practice. He reached up with his bottom arm and grabbed the Gi at my shoulder than reached behind the top of my head and grabbed the back of my Gi. At this point he pulled hi hand up and over shoved the forearm in between the chin and choked. Spent about an hour rolling and was toasted showered up and went back to work.

75 lb barbell complex 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 with 90 seconds of rest
DL, RDL, Power Cleans, PP, BS, Good Mornings
I liked this complex a lot. I could see working up to 95 lb's and that being fairly challenging

6 X 6 120 lb Bench
3 X 10 45 lb db shrug
3 X 10 24 lb over head shrug
6 X 6 115 lb bb dl with shrug each time
3 X 10 25 lb db curl
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