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I often make the same excuse with myself Chad. The 'well spec ops guys go through training way harder than this, so there's no reason I can't keep going' reasoning. Pretty crazy that your body went haywire like that. I guess since I'm not at that point, I can just scale back to only Navy PT (it's required), and work on sleep and nutrition.

Haha, I just realized my new year's resolution is going to be to exercise less. Which is a shame because January comprises some of the funniest moments in the gym all year (and most frustrating when you can't find the space to walk through the gym).

On a side note, I've realized that 'pre-workout drinks' are very dangerous when it comes to overtraining. I'm aware of the bad stuff that are in them, but the fact that they can take you from exhausted and unmotivated to killing yourself in the gym is pretty crazy. I noticed this a couple weeks ago when I ran out of the one I was taking, and I could barely get myself into the gym twice that week. Definitely the 'enabler' of overtraining.
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