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think this is becuase until you have some proficiency in the classic lifts, you are going aren't going to build strength as fast as you will learnign the basic deadlfit, sqaut and press
Yes, this was really the starting point of my question: advance on strength or advance on technique or try to do both. Ultimately, I think it has to be both if you want explosive strength and/or to be an O lifter.

The total body nature of the O lifts does help fill in the gaps. I thought I had a strong upper body but then the pulls starting working the rear delts and there was certainly accelerated development there. So ultimately the O lifts help on the foundation. They also build confidence.

I've been working back up on the deadlifts gently because of the hips, lower back problems and general lack of flexibility. Yet, here I was today pulling a heavier weight than I normally try deadlifting off the floor without giving my lower back a second thought.

Ultimately I think the two are complementary. What I've done is to develop a modified workout A and B. Workout A is

back squat
power clean

Workout B is
front squat
overhead squat

I use these principally when I don't have access to bumpers. Then, at my coach's direction, I'm focusing on hang squat cleans when I have access to bumpers.
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