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Default Tuesday 21st December

40' nappage before starting, not unusually...

107.5x5, 122.5x3, 130x1, 135x1, (no back-off sets).
Pissed off with with squats which have gone backwards from last month, knew I was in trouble when the first set felt hard. Was planning to go for 3 plates and do 140kg for first time in a while. Pathetic. Struggled to keep my knees from being pulled back when it gets hard, I guess my quads are weak.

Will change the programming and implement front squats to develop my quad strength on Saturdays instead of speed-sets which most people appear dismissive of at this level of strength; they don't appear to be helping with my knees getting pulled back either in hindsight. Was thinking about Dan John's one lift a day set scheme, but I guess it will be too much to recover from with front squats too? I think I need more work at a higher percentage of 1RM.... Hmm.....

77.5x1, 80x1.
Cut volume so I'm not battered for benching Thursday. (Compressing the important lifts into 2 workouts this week, then taking 5 days complete rest over Christmas). Done 3.5 months without any missed sessions, but with deloads every 4th week.

Some consolation with this. Achieved my goal this year of pressing 80kg a stone lighter than last year. 7.5kg shy of bodyweight press. Hopefully next year!

These are plateauing. Might try Shaf's ladders next year done once per week.

Explosive bench press skipped as benching Thurs.

Back extensions:
First set easy, 2nd set was punishing after the first dozen.
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