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Default Thursday 23rd December / Next years programme

Bench press:
75x5, 85x3, 100x2.
Shoulders have been aching, so wasn't expecting much. First 2 sets didn't feel strong. Happy with 100x2, my best is 100x3. Was hoping to get back to there this year. Close enough. Seems my presses are going up okay, especially as brought bench day 2 days forward.

Was hoping to get 5 reps, but the 4th rep was a proper grind, even worse than my 5sec press on Tuesday. Technique wasn't very good, bar drifted away from my shins. Was thinking about driving my legs more as I tend to be very hip dominant and destroy my shins in the process. Need to find a middle-ground.

New Year Programme.

A few changes…

More volume at a higher average intensity on Tuesday trying to go by feel rather than percentages as I seem to have burnt myself sticking to what is planned. Using Dan John’s one lift a day set/rep scheme, but training multiple days because that seems to suit me better. Basically Texas Method on squats, volume, light, intensity. Using different squat variations to control the intensity.
Overhead squats to help flexibility and trunk strength on light day.
Front squats to strengthen the quads/trunk instead of speed-sets.
.....EDIT: got RTS Manual for Christmas, have amended squats to try and autoregulate them with RPE's using similar rep ranges to Dan John's one-lift template.

Unchanged as they’re improving.

Power cleans and deads on same day to improve recovery of the lower back, so I'm training the lower back just twice heavily per week. It's been feeling like it's going to get tweaked for the last couple of weeks.
Singles/doubles on power cleans and deadlifts to try and push them up a bit. Seem to be stalling out on the deadlift progress and bored of 3's and 5's.
EDIT: trying fatigue stops with singles and doubles, warming up the deadlift with a heavy...ish triple PC.

Same exercises as before, shuffled a little to maximize recovery.
Changed set/reps on chins as they’ve stalled.
Still no assistance on squats, although toyed with a single-leg lift for hip stability (watched Mike Robertsons freebee video).
EDIT: added YTWL's to balance the rotator cuff from all the pressing, prehab really.


Tuesday (volume)
Squat x5@ RPE 9-10, Triples @ RPE 8-9, Doubles @ 8-9, deload.
Press 5/3/1 reversed as previous.
Chins 3x5-7 weighted / 3xmax BW
Bench (explosive) 3x8@RPE 6-7
Back extensions 2x20+

C2: 20-40’ @ 120-140 HR.

Thursday (light)
Overhead squat x5@RPE 8-9
Bench (light) 2x5
Chest-supported row 3x6-8
Ab roller 3x10-20
YTWL's 3x8
X-trainer 15-20’ @ 120-140 HR.

Saturday (intensity)
Power clean Triple @ RPE 9 / Max single, doubles @ RPE 9-10
Deadlift Singles @ RPE 9-10 / Off.
Bench press as previous.
Front squat Triples @ RPE 9-10
Narrow-grip bench press 3x8
Offset farmers walk 2x20-25m.

C2: 20-40’ @ 120-140 HR.

If someone brighter than me sees anything stupid in this, please chime in!

Merry Christmas!

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