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My current approach is this:
  1. Gymnastics, front squats
  2. Gymnastics, hang clean pulls
  3. Gymnastics, back squats
  4. Gymnastics, one week sumo DLs & one week conv. rack pulls
Right now my gymnastics is simply building back my holds foundation.

I'm going to let the gymnastics training take care of my bench for a long time, and start benching again 5-6 weeks out from a meet (when I get around to one again). No upper body lifts.

This is about the best way I could see them working together.

I'm also looking at my BB lifting differently now, as lower intensity "practice" and letting the volume do the work. I'm coming off being burned out on 5/3/1 + competitions + life stress and needing something different.

Obviously focusing all one's effort will receive better results, but only gymnastics training would bore me.
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