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Troy Kerr
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I recommend gymnastics upper body and 5/3/1 lower body. Right now MWF I follow Steven Lows program of Handstand,l-sit,planche, front lever,back lever. I am coming off a really hard cycle of more intense static work and it thrashed my elbows. So I am doing the steady state cycle using longer static holds building up to 1 minute for each of my progression. I love handstand practice so I use ring HSPU or press to handstands for my upper body pressing, and various front lever work for pulling.
T-TR I use the 5/3/1 for lower body work. Right now the only consistent lift has been back squats. I usually warm-up then do some light o-lift technique work, then progress to the back squats. I am considering adding deadlifts as well. This week is really more of an experiment to see how my body responds in terms of soreness and my elbows.
It all depends on what your goals are. I am fairly comfortable with my gymnastics practices as I have been at them for a year or so. So adding the backsquats does add a bit of soreness, but I do not feel overwhelmed with the extra work. The o-lift work serves as the accessory work. I also use pistols and natural hamstring curls as accessory work some days. I did regain my leg size and strength, I went from 185, to 200 over the last 4 weeks. I have find that the added mass has not hindered my bodyweight abilities that much.
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