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Originally Posted by Blair Lowe View Post
Yes, Garrett, I still miss the iron when doing gymnastics only. I may even miss GPP, ok not really but it's fun so long as a bbq is afterwards.
I don't miss GPP at all. A rowing warm-up is about all I can stand (and fit into my workouts). I just BBQ at home.

That said, I may have to start training the KB snatch for high reps if I want to get a certain "shirt" at my buddy's gym, so that will definitely count as GPP and cut into my other stuff.

On the topic, for most people going for the old 200/300/400/500 numbers, I see no reason why a gymnastics-based upper body and BB-based lower body organized workout scheme shouldn't be able to get them to those numbers in time (assuming decent BW and lacking extra BF).

I got to a 270# bench with mostly gymnastics-ish training, and that was only 1-2 days a week. 4 days will have me progressing much faster, I know it. My DL needs time and work, my BS was only 20# away at my last meet.
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