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Hey Gant, you mentioned you never published the hybrid program for the PM because CrossFit Football and CrossFit Strength Bias came out shortly after.
I also noticed that for not being CrossFit, your program makes people better at all the things CrossFit is designed for i.e. random physical tasks, unknown/unknowable, GPP, etc.
For "off the shelf" programming would you reccommend CrossFit Football as close to you hybrid program? (obviously it lacks the static gymnastic work, but seems to be quite similar in other respects)
I have been doing Gymnastic Bodies for the past year and a bit but am starting to miss the variety of mixed programs. I've been looking at CFFB and like it but also like the hybrid program. the draw of CFFB though is that it requires no thought, I just grab the WOD for the day. So I guess what I'm getting at is if CFFB is in your opinion as effective as your hybrid program has been?
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