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Originally Posted by Brian Lawyer View Post
I did my CO work today. I set my Polar heart rate monitor to a zone of 120 to 140 then proceeded to just wonder around the gym for 45 minutes. It went something like this:

Jump rope
Some different elliptical machine.
Jump rope
Yet another type of elliptical machine (this is the local Globo gym keep in mind I had plenty ellipticals to choose from.
More jump rope
Threw a medicine ball against the wall and floor.
Did some shadow boxing
Threw medicine ball around some more
Shadow box

Well you get the point. I did that for 45 minutes.... Sparring partners cancelled on me this week!! Sucks because there is a no-gi tourney Saturday that is only $20 to enter. If I would have had at least an hour of rolling around to polish my game I would have gone and done it.
Many MMA athletes will alternate times of weights and cardio, rest one complete day after which learn fighting skills and spar another six days every week. Therefore, an example schedule may mean Monday, weightlifting and wrestling; Tuesday, cardio and boxing; Wednesday, weightlifting and kicking; Thursday, cardio and boxing; Friday, weightlifting and sparring; Saturday, cardio and practicing a really weak area; then resting on Sunday. Obviously, every athlete differs. Some MMA athletes must work full-time, so their schedule is shortened. Other athletes possess a strong wrestling background therefore focus their attention on boxing, Tai boxing, kicking and punching. Your unique expertise, experiences and life situation will dictate your schedule.

Make use of an elliptical in your cardio days along with a stationary bike or treadmill. Many MMA gyms advocate running while using elliptical for 20 to 40 minutes, moving away from and performing other routines for example sit-ups or pushups, then jumping back on the elliptical for Twenty minutes, moving away from and perhaps carrying out a round of sparring or learning some techniques. This frantic, random group of activity emulates what are the body experiences during an MMA match.

Realize that the main reason many MMA athletes make use of an elliptical happens because they offer a great cardiovascular workout without jarring the joints or back. Many coaches believe running on the treadmill or on the grass or dirt track puts undue pressure on vital joints and recommend utilizing an elliptical (more elliptical workout info here)
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