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Jeff Yan
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I realize I'm a little late chiming in.

The simplest way I can think of would be to go to your local climbing/outdoorsy store and buy a single 15-20' length of tubular webbing, which would cost less than $10. For strap adjustment, I found a pair of these to be sufficient although I haven't exactly been abusing the crap out of them to really test their strength. For handles, just thread the strap through some short PVC pipe pieces. A third piece of PVC can be used as a door anchor. Lifeline also sells their door attachment separately for $3, but the one that comes with Jungle Gym I is basically just a piece of pipe. Not sure what you can do about the foot holds, but you can probably figure something out.

Or you could just buy the basic Jungle Gym. I waited around for Perform Better to sell them on sale for $30 with free shipping.

For $20-30, these things are great because they allow people to do pulling exercises like body rows at home if they don't or can't have pull up bars installed or have a place to hang rings.

One last thing, using tubular climbing webbing won't chafe your arms up like regular straps.
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