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Originally Posted by Ola Persson View Post
Thanks for the advice and good reading! I'll start doing push ups and face pulls before benching.

The problem I've been having is partly related to my bad posture. Regular rehab haven't been a problem (if it hurts I tend to take care of it) but prehab/working with my posture is damn hard.
As a desk jockey, posture is an ongoing issue for me. And, it's no fun to work on. I feel your pain.

If it is a postural issue in your upper body (which I'm assuming, since we are discussing pressing), consider this also:

1. free up the internal rotators (including -- counter-intuitively -- your lats): stretch, mobilize, roll, etc.

2. improve your thoracic extension

3. pay attention to your neck: it can drive a lot of additional dysfunction

For 1,2 there is a lot of stuff on the MobWOD, but finding it can be hard. For 3, I don't have good references and I'm hesitant to talk to anyone about "neck stuff" even with the caveat of "I don't know crap. This is the internet". But, here's a link to the stuff I have in mind:
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