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Originally Posted by Troy Kerr View Post
She was diagnosed back in january. She stated that she had always had low back pain even as a child in gymnastics, but for some reason she finally decided to get it looked at. She told me they found a massive curve in her spine and was diagnosed as scoliosis. Since then she has been seeing a chiropractor getting adjusted, but her job is very physical as well as her work at the gym, so she's still not at 100%.
First off, hi everyone! Just popped over from the CF boards. Really interested in learning more about other programs and modalities and such, and I love arguing about nutrition, haha.

When you say she had a "massive curve" - can you elaborate on the degree of curvature? And what direction is the curvature - is it an S curve that results in one shoulder being higher when she bends forward or is it excessively kyphotic or lordotic? Just curious as to how this compares to my own current experience. I'm not qualified to offer advice but I can say what my experience has been and what I'm doing to work through it.
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