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Default Wednesday 29th December

Glad to be back in the gym, I've been stiff and sore, especially around the lower back and hips. Only exercise has been 15' yoga yesterday and a few mobility exercises to loosen my lower back. I don't react well to doing nothing...

Getting use to RPE's and fatigue stops, so a bit untidy on first attempt.

Squat (volume - should have been anyway):
115x5 @9.5
112.5x5 @9.5
110x5 @10
Thought 115kg was conservative to shoot for considering I did 122.5x5 a month ago, but it wasn't happening. Still tired in this movement and back still feeling the deadlift last week.

Press (intensity)
72.5x3 @10
65x3 @9.5
65x3 @9
65x3 @9
65x3 @10
Was going to stick with what I was doing previously, but 72.5x5 was not happening, so changed this to RTS intensity session on the cuff. Perhaps hasty? Done now.

15x5x2, 15x4.

Bench press (explosive):
60x5 @7.5
55x8 @6.5
55x8 @6
55x8 @7
Bit tired from the pressing.

Back extensions:
Made my back feel a lot better for flushing some blood back through.
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