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I have a huge list of goals this year, mostly career-related, but here's some of the fitness/health ones:

*train jits more consistently (~3 days a week, 2-4 on any given week)
*do non-jits workouts more consistently (~3 days/week)
*get a dead hang pull-up
*dedicated single-leg work and posterior chain work
I wanted to go for a 300-lb deadlift, but I can't afford to get a gym membership right now (just BJJ) and we don't have barbells. But I can't complain--we are getting a Jungle Gym XT and I have dumbbells (up to 50 lbs.) a kettlebell, a pullup bar, bands of all sizes, a homemade med ball, a sandbag and probably other things I can't think of. So instead of working on a deadlift goal, I thought I'd work on single-leg deadlifts and other posterior chain work, but don't have a real goal set in those areas.
*I'd love to go to a Girl Grappling Camp this year, money permitting, so that's another sort-of goal.
*Wellness-wise, I still need to work more on my posture (rolfing, PRI, etc.)
*Nutrition goal: I'd like to keep my cheat meals gluten-free.
*Looking into NASM certification (the NSCA book/audio is boring and NASM is more up my alley) but this is time/interest permitting
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