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I think I should just admit to myself that I am an oly head. My love for it distorts my perceptions.
If you're talking about progressing from power cleans to lower cleans into the full squat clean, there are some good arguments infavor of the opposite route. Power cleaning first can lead to some difficulty in getting to the full lift. I think Tommy Kono is big on learning the full lift first. I know from exp that doing too many pwr versions of the lifts made me have to relearn a lot of stuff. I had power snatched 77.5kg but it was a long time before I could make a real snatch with 80.
Working from above the knee to the full squat clean is actually a great way to get started on the lift. I have been doing high high hang snatches and cleans lately, and it has really improved my speed at getting under the bar.
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