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Rafe Kelley
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1. Get healthy, Stay healthy
From September 2009 to July 2010, I suffered,
A neuroma of my left foot,
A subluxated metatarsal that limited me for 6 months,
A torn ligament in my fourth right toe( four months),
whiplash from a car accident,
A back spasm,
A Panic attack(due to over training, under eating and work stress)
A persistent flu aggravated by training that would not go away,
And finally to cap it all off I tore my left achilles tendon.

I got about 4 descent months of training cumulative in that time and progressed on no major strength or athletic goals except my fluidity in parkour.

2. Identify every movement compensation, limited range of motion and other predisposing factor for injury and systematically eliminate them.

So far I have figured out I have scar tissue in my neck from injuries I suffered as child that have set up bad dynamics in my cervical movement and down the kinectic chain
Glute dysfunction on my left from ankle injuries as teen that has contributed to chondramalacia, a torn achilles tendon and pre-athritis symptoms in my ankle joint.
Rotation in my pelvis
Scar tissue from the back spasm in my lumbar thoracic junction
Poor internal rotation in my shoulders
and external rotation in my hips
A daily dose of mobilitywod, weekly structural body work and PT and training practice focused more on mobilization total body co-ordination and correcting biomechanics seem to be working wonders for me and I plan to continue till I have a clean bill of health.

3. Continue working towards perfecting diet, and sleep patterns and learn to compartmentalize work stress more effectively.

4. Perfect overhead squat with heels together and neutral spine ass to ankles, El grip skin the cat, front splits on both sides, straddle pancake stretch.

4. Provided all the above goes well I want to Compete and excel in Ninja Warrior this year, as well as other more local parkour competitions.

5. Learn to Press to handstand, straddle planche, front lever, and chin 1.5 x body weight.
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