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Default Progress as of week 5 and questions

I am on week five of the program (although Mixed in there are two weeks when I had to repeat weeks that I only did half of because of school conflicts) and have gained 5-6 pounds of muscle.

I am a male 22 year old college student, 6'4", 192 lbs, and 12.5% bodyfat (according to my electronic scale, just looking at me I am trim with a little to pinch at the waist). My maxes are: 155 C&J, 185 FS, 115 Standing Press, 40 weighted chin, 115 snatch, 215 BS, and (since I was screwing around earlier with some friends I know this) a 185 bench.

I am trying the low carb by the seat of my pants approach to diet, with one glaring flaw. I rarely get up early enough to eat breakfast before class, so my first meal is 2-3 hours after I get up.

My questions are: Are these results optimal? And if not what can I do to increase my performance? Based on Robb's ratio of 5'9" 185 lb with single digit bodyfat, should I have the same height to weight ratio, and be 205 lbs, or same BMI, and be 225 lbs, for optimal performance? (either weight at about 6-8% bodyfat right?

So sorry for the long rambling post with grammar unfit for a college student.
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