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Originally Posted by Mark Fenner View Post
While that study (and studies like it) provides an interesting set of data points, they don't provide real insight. I'll leave the limitations as an exercise for the reader with some answers provided in the link below.

Here's Lyle's take on daily requirements:

Here's a quote from Lyle that paraphrases Tipton and Wolfe:

That basically sums up our collective scientific knowledge of strengthening, conditioning, and nutrition. We have a ludicrous number of reductionist studies that loose most meaning when placed back into the context of reality. Arguing from individual scientific publications (in S&C, nutrition, and some other fields as well) to actions in the real world for real people is frequently fraught with peril.

Lyle says strength/power athletes should aim for a protein intake of 3.3 g/kg/d yet the current (4th) edition of Clinical Sports Nutrition states that the maximal protein requirement of elite athletes is ~1.6g/kg/d.

Who to believe...... the guy selling the fad diet books or one of the most authoritative texts on sports nutrition around?
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