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Default Matts 2011 log

After the worst year of training ever due to injuries, feeling burned out for 6 months after following a bad training system and some major life issues I'm back on the ball.
I recently failed my fitness test at work and have a month to sort my self out and retake.

I'm going old school and training will be a mix of running basic lifting and maybe the odd met con type thing,

I know its not the most scientific or coolest thing to do but it has worked for me in the past and i quite enjoy it.

I saw the seal basic programme that chad posted and i thought it looked interesting so going to follow the running programme to establish a base and add in some lifting etc

after the last year my initial goal is establish a regular workout routine of 5 - 6 days a week,

reach the basic standards of strength in deadlift, bench, squat and press.
and play with the olympic lifts

all help is welcome and encouraged

weight 101 kg
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